Nu's Sunday Soundtrack

Nu's Sunday Soundtrack

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Kicking off radio mandana is an opportunity to share a piece of our home with the world, from Co-Founder Nu Goteh. "Sunday is a day of resetting. And I like to have a soundtrack that inspires me but still gives me the space to think and work and be creative. I like the music in our home to have a presence but not be too demanding," he says. 

His favorite piece in the house? 

"The dining room table is my favorite because it's an ever-changing platform. It's where we eat, we work, we host," he says. "It's a table in a dining room, yes, but depending on what you're doing at the table, it can change the context."



  1. Moo Latte x Roux Spana - James in Heaven

  2. BadDudes Jul007 - There's a Galaxy in Ur Eyes

  3. Tyler, The Creator ft. Coco O, Erykah Badu - Treehome95

  4. SA-RA - Master Teazer (Ken's Revenge Edit)

  5. Gabriel Garzón-Montano - Me Alone

  6. Sue George - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

  7. Mammal Hands - In the Treetops

  8. Stro Elliot - Kamaal Coltrane

  9. Mos Def - Say You Will (Live at The Blue Note)

Nu Goteh