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Around the Haus
with Ashley Johnson

Track List (Click to view)

Artist - "Song Title"
Fink — "Q + A"
Romare — "All Night"
Jesse Boykins III — "Molly's Refuge"
River Tiber — "Flood"
Gabriel Garzón-Montano — "Fruitflies"
Jonah Levine Collective feat. Mndsgn — "Zootcase"
Fortunes — "FKWTU"
Charlotte Day Wilson — "Where Do You Go"
Joomanji feat. Copasetic & Lindsay Olsen — "Where are You? (Love for JL)"
Jaspects — "Find My Way to Love - Chantae Cann"
Jordan Rakei feat. Ngaiire — "Cupid's Cheese"
Cosmo Pyke — "Great Dane"

We're taking in the Spring home vibes by going to a jungalow apartment in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where multidisciplinary artist, "domestic hero," and taco aficionado, Ashley Johnson, lives amongst an organized array of modern and thrifted pieces, statement art, and, of course, plant babies.


"Everything has a place. As I move into the phase of plotting out and decorating each room, my foremost charge was making sure each space has its own intention and compartments within those intentions," Ashley says.

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"I draw inspiration from Solange's aesthetic, fashion editorials- as they do a lot of print and texture mixing/shapes- the movement and simplistic complexity of line drawings, and painters. Painters consider color in very captivating ways—think Rothko paintings."

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Ashley's music selection at home inspires her to stay
happy, productive, and steady when staying on task.


"I spend a lot of hours at my desk, so I need something interesting to keep me from getting distracted. I like songs with unpredictable sounds, ambient noise, "untraditional" singing voices, lyrics that feel like poems, and songs that are longer or shorter than the average radio hit," she explains. "My one-bedroom apartment has 16 windows, and sometimes the music playing feels like the weather they encapsulate."

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Ashley's favorite part of her home is her sunroom. "[My apartment] is high up in some very old trees, so I see lots of tree-top insects, bird, and animal action. I love being able to watch the light move from one season to the next."

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